I’m Dreaming of a Musical Cliche…

White Christmas is the last the shows I’ll be getting complementary tickets to, and it’s a good one.  Feel good classic with song and dance, you get the drill.  In fact, that’s the point of this entry.

I'm dreaming of a tap dance and musical number...

I’ve never seen White Christmas before – part of my old anti-musical stigma.  I still can’t say I care for musicals on TV or film, mind you, but I can enjoy it on stage.  Live theater is a whole other world, and the inherent fakeness that musicals bring to a story don’t work against it in the same way.  It can’t, in fact, because it’s impossible to see what happens in live theater as real – unless you lived in a world where everyone effectively shouted.

Anyhoo, my big revelation seeing White Christmas was this – this is the archetype of a classic old-school Broadway musical.  It is one of the musicals that all parodies of musicals make fun of.  While watching it I recognized many of the memes, tropes, and cliches that satires make reference to when taking the piss out of it.

It did hurt my enjoyment of the musical a little bit, but not a lot.

Sigh… now I have to pay to see a show.  Assuming Gill gets a job soon, I think I’ll get a couple of cheap front row C seat season passes nice and early for next year.  If I learned anything working at the Arts Club, it’s that you need to book those tickets early.