Problems in Papua New Guinea

Well, after god knows how many years (must be going on twenty) Dad is calling it quits in Papua New Guinea.  He’s been a helicopter pilot there forever it seems.

For those of you who don't know where PNG is...

I still remember when he was first looking for a job back in Canada.  He had done three years in Africa and had been sending out resumes to all kinds of places, including Brazil as I recall.  It’s hard to believe how long he’s been in PNG.

But he’s been increasingly discontent the last few years and while he’s talked about coming back, now it really looks like it’s going to happen.  The reason?  Unrest in PNG.  The Prime Minister had to step down and now the lack of information has made it so some areas are just assuming it’s anarchy now – so hey let’s roll wit h that.

There’s precious little information available online about the situation, and that’s kind of the problem.  It doesn’t matter what is REALLY happening there, it matters what the general population thinks or assumes is happening.  And a number or people are assuming Christmas has come early and other peoples homes have all the presents.

Talking to dad is tricky – his deep bass voice doesn’t make for the clearest communication and the poor phone connections don’t help.  I can only make out about half of what he says, but it sounds like there were some break ins or attempted break ins near where he lives and people are afraid to go out un-escorted at night.

Now that he has a son going on 5, he wants to make sure he’s somewhere safe.  As he put it, if it was just him he’d feel fine waiting things out, but it’s not just him anymore.

It’s not going to happen soon, could be two months or two years according to him, but sooner or later he’s coming back.