It’s a Wonderful Play

Gill and I saw this production a couple weeks ago, but it’s still worth mentioning.  If you’re a fan of the Frank Capra classic, then you’d really enjoy this stage production – in part because it includes parts of the film to help establish scenes and locations (though they blur or obscure faces creatively so you don’t go thinking about James Stewart all the time).  It even has opening film credits for the stage cast, which is a nice touch (reminds me of how Tear The Curtain worked)

And it’s not just a re-tread of the film, either.  They merge this version with the radio play version so that it feels fresh and new – affording a bit more attention to some secondary characters you didn’t get to know enough about in the film, for example.

If anything I’d recommend the stage production over the film because theater has a way of being more personal and engaging.  This got that  Christmas spirit and magic across just a bit more for me.  But perhaps that’s because it was offering something a little bit new.  It’s around until the New Year, so I do recommend seeing it if you’re in the Vancouver area.