It’s a Christmas Miracle!

Well as nice as our apartment is, we really haven’t been able to Christmas it up at all.  A tree is expensive, after all.

But our friends Nita and Sudhir dropped by when Kasia was in town and gave us a great little gift:

As you can see we already have a few little presents underneath.  It’s classy, minimalist, makes for a great centerpiece for the dinner table and will do nicely every year – even when we have a regular tree.  Yay!  Christmas is saved!

Here’s a picture of the gang that evening 🙂

On the writing front, I’m still slacking.  I might do so till the new year, or at least Christmas.  Enjoy reading and playing games, then get cracking on editing the novels.  I guess there is a bit of self-doubt involved right now, too.  But then, there’s nothing new about that, is there?