Blast from the Past

Gillian came across some old pictures, like fifteen years I think, before I moved out to BC.  I used to live with my brother in Toronto in two different apartments – one was on Pembroke and was actually subsidized housing for people with mental problems.  We probably should never have been allowed to live there legally (shut yo mouth).  The other was on Sherbourne, and was an alright place, but had a hallway outside the elevator that really really really smelled bad.

So here are some pictures from that age.

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In my defense, my excessively messy bedroom was like this because we were in the process of moving from the Pembroke apartment to the Sherborne apartment (as you can tell from the space unfilled look of the living room of the Sherborne place).  I mean, I admit I was a slob then, but I wasn’t THAT bad.

These pictures are nice, because I can see so many little “oh I remember that” moments on it.  For example, the computer desk has a Harlan Ellison mouse pad on it (from I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream), old RPGs – some of which I still have – are there.

But this is what I wanted to talk about.

Wyatt drew it for me ages ago – long before the picture was taken.  I’m pretty sure it was done when I was still living at Grandma’s house, but I could be wrong.  It’s of me writing at my computer.  I loved the incomplete nature of it.  The focus is on my hunched over form, the chair, legs and monitor simply hinted at.  But it gets across the kind of focus and determination I aspire to.

I lost the original ages ago but was glad this photo of it I took for Gillian turned up.  I’ve enhanced this copy and printed it off, and it’s now taped up next to my desk, just like before.