It’s like God doesn’t want me to edit…

I have two printers, a color inkjet and a black and white laser printer.   I learned a long time ago that inkjet printers are a writer’s worst enemy.  Everyone’s really, when you think about it.  There is a reason they sell those things so cheap – all the money is made in the ink cartridges.

Seriously, there have been printers I’ve seen in England where it was actually cheaper to buy a replacement printer (ink included) than replacement cartridges.  Tell me that’s not nuts.  I was lucky to get one and a half copies of a book printed off before it needed replacing.  Unbelievably wasteful.

So I bought a laser printer and never looked back.  Sure, it’s only black and white, but I could print between 2000 and 3000 pages before it needed replacing.  That’s how it should be.  I have an inkjet, a leftover one from Charles that didn’t cost a dime, and I live near a printer store that refills in cartridges cheap, but I only use it when I need color or if I’m just printing single sheets quickly (ie google maps).

So naturally I brought it back to Canada when we moved.  Turned out both it and my desktop computer and my Xbox needed a 230V adapter to work here (the fact the PC needed it is confusing, most have a 110/230 switch built in). That was annoying, but it got worked out in the end.

I was able to run the computer and the printer without blowing the adapter for the longest time.  Printed off stuff no problem.  Then a few days ago, the fuse in the adapter blew when I was printing the books I wanted to edit.  I went out and bought five more fuses and each one of them blew as soon as I tried to print.  What the hell?  This never happened before.  Where is the spike in energy use coming from?  Very annoying.  Very inconvenient.

In the end I used my laptop on battery power plugged into the laser printer.  That did the trick, but now it turns out my formatting is all shot to hell.  Everything I’ve been writing is designed for A4 paper, and you can only get Letter (aka 8.5/11 inch) paper here, so everything I print is messed up (headers missing or text too close to the bottom edge).

So as of today I still haven’t had a proper copy of anything printed off.  I have to go back and re-edit everything to fit Letter page formatting first.  And hope I don’t blow my last fuse.