Not much today

Wyatt and I got some of our Christmas shopping out of the way, getting our relatives in England some gifts via  Unlike Canada’s Amazon, they sell just about everything over there, not just books and movies.

Working these two jobs means on some days I’m doing 10 hours total, plus some additional side gigs writing and editing wise that eats up other parts of my day.  I basically only have Sunday free  (and even then only if I don’t do one of those side projects).  But after the 18th things are going to slow down – practically stop – until the new year.  That will be a good time to not only relax but start planning for the future.

I’ve sent out some letters to agencies in the states that my UK agent suggested I contact.  Hopefully one will be interested in looking at my stuff without having to go through the normal channels (come on, if I HAVE an agent and a published novel, do I have to go through the slush pile process again?!)

Gillian has had a few interviews this week, which is great.  But I’m hoping she gets the job she wants and doesn’t end up taking a job because she has to.  I’m doing that right now after all with this work overload.

Hoping for a better new year.  Need to make plans with local relatives for Christmas if possible.