…aaaaand pencils down. Hand your papers to the person in front of you.

It’s been a month and NaNoWriMo is over.  Unlike some I spent the month writing and not growing a mustache, though that would have been for a worthy cause.

Though I tell a lie.  I didn’t write the whole month.  I was done in 3 weeks.  I didn’t reach 50,000 words, mind you.  More like 45,000.  The problem?  I finished the novel.  Now, 45,000 isn’t much of a novel, but I already had about 15,000 written beforehand, so the finished product is just shy of 60,000 right now.

I considered writing a short story to make up the slack, but the fact was I was beat and just needed a rest.

I’m beat for several reasons.  Work at the Arts Club is getting tougher.  The sales aren’t coming like they used to (meanwhile a couple of new superstars are making it look easy… looks like I really have become “The Machine” Levene from GlenGary Glenross.  I’d be tempted to steal the good leads to make a sale, except we’re all getting the same leads.  The campaign wraps up on the 18th, at which time the job ends, which brings me to the next reason I’m beat.

I’m now working a second job at a nearby bookstore called Odin Books.  Nice little place, but very different from Soho Books.  There it was 80% nothing and 20% hard work, here it’s the opposite.  There is always something that needs to be done.  Always.  That’s not a bad thing, it helps time fly, but right now it means I’m working a bit more than a full time job, and on top of that I’ve been writing the novel, editing another novel for an author, and writing some copy for my friend’s new company.

All in all, it’s been a busy November.

The weird thing is, I feel very stressed as a result, and yet I feel like I haven’t been doing enough.  These last three days I’ve managed to force myself to relax and play Fallout 3 again to unwind, but for the first day I felt like I should stop and start working on something new.  I felt bad about trying to relax.  Yeesh.  That doesn’t sound like me at all.

Once the Arts Club job is over, I’ll get more hours at the bookstore, but regardless it’ll be part time work, about 20-30 hours a week (depending).  But it pays better than the Arts Club (especially now that sales commissions are drying up) and I’ll have more steady hours closer to 30 a week in January, so it should all work out fine for me.  Good enough paying job, time to write and edit.  Should work out nicely.

So, what’s next?  A bit of a rest, then back to editing three books one after the other and see what’s what.

Well, off to my job… then my other job… sigh.