It’s Coffee Grinding Time!

When it comes to my drink of choice, I’m torn between coffee and tea.  I can (and do) drink both in great quantities, more so than diet cola (except during hot days, natch).

Recently Gill and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary (and something like 10th year together officially as a couple) and my Aunt Elaine gave us a Sears gift card.  Now, there isn’t much I want at Sears.  We have pretty much everything we need at our humble little abode, but there is something we’ve wanted to get for a while now – a coffee grinder.

Insert holy revelation music here.

Gill and I have used a French Press (aka Cafetiere, aka Bodum) for coffee ever since we moved to England.  Before that it was the drip filter jobs that I never really liked.  The French Press is easier to prepare and clean.  You can use it to make tea, too, if you have the loose leaf stuff.

Plus it's kinda classy, too.

So now we’re happily grinding fresh coffee every morning.  I’m not a coffee connoisseur, by any stretch, but I do think I taste a difference.

But mostly I just like to grind things.