I am struck a mortal blow… from within China!

So I was swamped with a dozen email bounces today… apparently I just HAD to inform EVERYONE about some great website.  Even people whose email addresses no longer worked anymore.  Others emailed me back, confused about why I had contacted them about it.  Well, hey, with savings like that, how could I not?

I must have been so excited about the great deals the site offered, I complete blacked out and suffered retrograde amnesia as a result.  It was just that awesome.

So I checked my access history on Gmail, just on the slight chance that maybe I wasn’t the one who sent out this email, and got this list of recent activity.

Access Type [ ? ]
(Browser, mobile, POP3, etc.)
Location (IP address) [ ? ] Date/Time
(Displayed in your time zone)
Browser * Canada ( 9:38 am (0 minutes ago)
Atom feed Canada ( 9:37 am (0 minutes ago)
Browser China ( 9:04 am (34 minutes ago)
Browser * Canada ( 8:40 am (57 minutes ago)
Mobile Canada ( 7:54 am (1.5 hours ago)
Browser Canada ( 10:46 pm (10 hours ago)
Mobile Canada ( Oct 20 (12 hours ago)

Hmm… what does this remind me of?

Great.  What annoys me about this is, just to be safe I’m going to have to go to every important website and change my password now, just in case.

(oh, as for the title of the entry, it’s from an ancient Greek play about Agamemnon… well, except for the China bit.)