Decline of a Salesman

Heh, I knew there’d be weeks like this.  Top of the board for several months, now I can’t make a sale to save my life.


For Sale: Cheap! Buy 3 for the price of 3!

What annoys me, though, is that it annoys me.  I keep telling myself I don’t care if I make sales or not, but now that I’m not I find it does.  If only in a keeping score kind of way.  Damn video game logic.

Doesn’t help that our newest employee not only made her first sale in 15 minutes, but is currently ahead of everyone else.  Most of us took two weeks to make our first sale, she’s gone and made as much in her first week as I did when I was hitting my stride.

Heh, actually ALL the new guys there have made sales these last couple days, while the two highest selling people overall have had zip.

I just see this as a reminder not to give a crap about sales.  Just help give people the information they need and let the rest sort out itself.