Why you don’t freeze Coke…

When I left for Sechelt this Thanksgiving Day weekend, I knew my fridge was running a little cold.  I turned down the air flow and figured the problem solved.

When I returned, the entire interior of the fridge was covered in frozen brown snow.  The culprit:

Diet Coke.

Turned out I hadn’t fixed the problem.  Everything in the fridge was frozen, even a jar of pickles.  But few things handle freezing well.  All the vegetables turned into rubbery messes as the cells expanded, burst, and were barely held together.

The cans, on the other hand just burst, and instantly froze against everything it hit.  I should have got a picture of that but I was so horrified I had to clean it up right away.

It’s actually a fun party trick you can do, if you time it right.  Take a plastic bottle of Diet Coke (presumably it will work with any soda) and leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours.  It has to be in there long enough to get more than cold enough to freeze, but not actually freeze, so I reckon having an equal bottle in the fridge of regular water should work as your guide as to when it’s ready.

Even when it’s more than cold enough to freeze, the pressure from the carbonation (I believe – please correct me if I’m wrong) keeps it from solidifying for a time.  Eventually you will get past that point and it will freeze anyways (in a plastic bottle this is usually okay).

But in that pressurized liquid zone you can take the bottle, show your friends that it’s liquid, then prove to them you have mutant powers by cracking it open, wiggling your fingers, and have them watch as it freezes from the top down (actually becomes a slush to be accurate, but you can hold it upside down with barely a drop coming out).  Done right, it’s cool and impressive.

Just don’t try it with cans.


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  1. I often put two or 3 liters in the freezer to get cold quicker….and then forget them….overnight. Luckily like you said with plastic bottles it is usually ok. I also have a handy weapon after I do that as long as I need one before it melts. 🙂

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