It’s a Pity Party and you’re all invited!


Seems like my agent doesn’t like my latest story outline (well, she does, but she doesn’t think it will work as a first-novel in the UK), and is suggesting I find an agent in North America instead.


She’s probably right, of course.  But rejection is never easy and getting an agent was one of the few major victories I had in England.  So obviously I’m not thrilled about losing it now.

Of course, this does NOT mean I intend to mope and wallow and go woe with me and all that.  I got a couple of honey crullers and called it a day.  Maybe she’ll let me stay with the company until I find another agent.  That would be helpful.

But I got work to do.  I’m finishing a novel, I’m going ahead with another novel after that, got a book to edit for Mundania, a cover to get sent in for Bleeding Heart Yard, and details to go over regarding that book.

Moving on.  Pity party’s over.  Get out, I got work to do.