Ah crap… two years down the drain.

I’ve been using the WiiFit for nearly two years not.  But now I really need to start watching what I eat, because I crossed the border from Ideal to Overweight today.

Not sure what the hell is wrong with my habits.  Maybe I’m not active enough, but I suspect it’s just as much if not more to do with what I’m eating and when.  Maybe I’m also just adjusting to getting up earlier.  But I had worked so hard to get my weight down from Obese to Ideal that it feels like slipping back to Overweight is the beginning of the end.

No way I’m going to yo-yo.  I’m taking care of this now.  Cut out the treats and whatnot.  I should probably get a chin-up bar and go back to The Routine I was on in England.

Combine that with the dream I had of winning $100 million before I woke up (I hate those, the moment you wake up it tastes like ashes) and this is not shaping up to be a good day.


2 thoughts on “Ah crap… two years down the drain.

  1. I hate to sound morbid but you’re getting into the middle age syndrome. Yup that’s right get ready for mid life crisis.

    As Gary Larson says in the cartoon where middle age is a truck that runs over you it gets you from behind.

    I was lucky I didn’t stop growing ’til I was 25. When I left the air force I was almost underweight 5′ 81/2″ and 135. My next job involved loading ships with scientific gear and going to sea which is a continuous isometric as you adjust to the continuous ship’s movement.

    It was when I got a desk job in Ottawa and continually had to attend power lunches. Well actually the boss liked to brief everybody in a cafeteria. I still couldn’t resist desert. That was when it all fell apart. I was 44 when my knee locked up on a bus ride from Montreal to Ottawa. Diagnosis arthritis and I’d had it for some time. In the words of Marvin: “Things started out very badly and it was all downhill from there”

    Welcome to the club. I’ll be 70 next April.

    Sigh 😦

    1. Naw, my weight problem is more to do with a change of habit, diet, and exercise. I biked more in England, ate better (something I’m remedying) and just did more in general.

      I’m sure you’re not wrong regarding midlife crisis for a 37 year old, but I haven’t been hit by that truck yet. Remember, I always have a rear view mirror on my helmet.

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