Well, it’s been 2 years since I got married to Gillian in England, and 11 since we’ve been an item.

Our first anniversary didn’t end too well.  I had everything set up perfectly, a nice dinner out with a special card that unfolded into a paper rose when opened.  But when we got home I learned my grandmother had a stroke and I was left wondering if I should make it back to Canada.

This one however seems to have worked out better.  My uncle Dan has been making a steady recovery and from all accounts is making great progress.  He’s even healthy enough to be considered a liver transplant candidate!  So all ready the first anniversary can suck it.

I’m taking Gillian to a show at the Stanley Theater today called Tear The Curtain, which is supposed to be mind-blowing (check out the video link), and of course eating out somewhere nice… like Denny’s!

When you want to say "I Love You..." take her to Denny's.

… what?

Aside from that I got her the latest Discworld movie (Going Postal) on DVD (from England, not available here yet) as well as the latest Terry Pratchett book “I Shall Wear Midnight,” the last of the Tiffany Aching series.

The first anniversary is paper, and apparently the second is cotton.  How do they come up with these things?  Is there a lint anniversary?  How about cheese?  I don’t get it.  Anyway, the only thing with cotton I can think of I can get personalized is a shirt.  So here’s what I came up with to put on said shirt:

(which, given the Denny’s bit earlier, is entirely justifiable…)