When crappy equals awesome

Taking Gillian to work back on Sunday, we came across a wholesale club house that sells lots of food stuff in bulk.  The thing is, it’s clearly meant to cater to local restaurants, diners, and greasy spoons.  They had blocks of mozzarella cheese the size of an engine block and other big/bulk things you would expect for the kitchen, but that’s not what excited me.

What excited me is they had everything for the dining area too.

What do I mean by this?  I mean they had generic red and yellow ketchup bottles that you would expect to find at a chip truck.  They had stainless steel tea pots that single cups of tea are served in across the world.  They had sugar dispensers , paper napkin holders (the kind with springs that pushes them out both sides.  You name it, you’ve seen it in a local eatery, they had it.

I want it all.

I wanted to get rid of all of my dining room stuff and replace it with the crap from this store.  Why?  I mean, it’s not high quality.  In fact it’s quite the opposite.  It’s cheap and mass produced so restaurants can buy as many as they need.  Yet I wanted it all.  I still do!

Something about this just equals awesome to me.  If I ever get house, I WILL get this stuff for my kitchen (for casual eating) and leave the nice stuff for the dining room.  Maybe I can get a neon light for the kitchen that says “Eat At Joes”?

In the end, though, I only got a small stainless steel milk pitcher for tea/coffee and gravy boat (two things we don’t have) and a bell so I can go “DING!” when food is ready.  😀


One thought on “When crappy equals awesome

  1. Actually although they are cheap years and years of use has refined the design to the point that, like Byron the Bulb (Gravity’s Rinbow) they are essentially immortal.

    That being said the logical corollary is that the teapots are DELIBERATELY designed to pour tea all over the table cloth. That way you have to go back (and pay) for a second pot in order to get enough liquid to wash the hot chicken sandwich down.

    PS there are lots of places you can get a 50’s style “OPEN” sign. Costco for example

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