Like of a Salesman

Work.  Might as well update about that.  Though I’m loathed to admit this after all my previous posts – I don’t hate my job anymore.  I could almost admit that I like it.  Sure you get the occasional rude response, and the vast majority of calls end up with dismissals, but when you find someone who is interested in the new theater season, even if they don’t buy anything it feels like it’s worth it.

Hello, it's me again!

And then there was the one I had the other day.  A woman I called had very specific needs for season tickets, but had left it off WAY too late (getting center orchestra is pretty much out of the question now).  The call ends up lasting one and a half hours, on and off, as we discuss options, available dates, possible compromises, etc.  I have to talk to hang up several times so I can go to the manager with new possible options and call her back, check the computer for if there are ANY possible dates available for the seats she wants.

It was in the words of one my co-workers – epic.

In the end I not only found her the seats she wanted, but on the Talkback day.  The fourth Tuesday of each run has cast or directors do a Q&A with the audience after the show, a nice little bonus.  So she not only got two season tickets, but some extra tickets for another theater we have, and a fifty dollar donation for the Arts Club (since we’re a registered charity).

Calls like that feel pretty satisfying, not because I got a sale, but because I found what this person wanted in a way that the box office and website probably couldn’t have.

4 hours a day?  I can live with this.  Gives me time to focus on my real ambitions 😉


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