I Believe in Magic

I posted a while ago about the dire situation my uncle Dan was in.  It wasn’t looking good.  My dad, ever the cynic, did not help matters – though to be fair nobody was terribly optimistic about Dan’s chances.  Feeling powerless, I did the only thing I could that had any power at all – I wrote what I wanted to happen down on my blackboard as an overly simplistic story.  A spell, really.  A kind of spell as old as the paleolithic cave paintings of stags and bison in France.

Many believe these to be, essentially, an early form of spellcasting. The painters were not recording great hunts they had, but rather painting what they wanted to happen on their next hunt. The power of positive thinking in its earliest form.

Just before Dad left there was good news.  Dan had come out of the coma and was sitting up, even playing Scrabble!  I couldn’t believe it.

Obviously I don’t think my “spell” did anything, other than hopefully spread the power of positive thinking around.  But that is actually something that should never be underestimated.  It might seem simplistic, but positive thinking can help.

One thought on “I Believe in Magic

  1. Noah,

    I am going to take your advice and follow your example. I’m going to write out a spell/cave drawing and be more positive in my hopes/plans for the future.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


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