The Return of Stability

I keep talking about routine: finding a routine, getting back into a routine, losing my routine, and so on.  It’s funny, because I used to despise the idea of being locked into a routine.  I might as well wear a tie.

But if you’re a writer, and editor, or more importantly freelance, a routine is absolutely vital.  The problem is, for the last few months my sleep habits have not been helping.  While I’m awake by around 9, I don’t actually get going until noonish.  Four hours later I’m at work.  Add in wasting time on forums and clock-watching and I don’t get a lot done.

The problem is I get up when I feel like it, rather than because the alarm went off (which it hasn’t for a while, the alarm clock is busted, expecting a replacement today).  I shamble out of bed and pretty much shamble through the morning and afternoon.

I’ve even stopped doing my wii-fit!  After a year and a half of nearly constant use, I’m starting to slip.  That ain’t good.

It wasn’t like this in England.  Gillian always got up first and had a shower, when she dried her hair I’d get up.  I knew exactly how much time I had before I had to get to the bookstore, and made the most of it.  Gillian’s routine helped create my routine, but unfortunately I’ve been missing that.

Fortunately Gillian started her new job today (yay!) and with it, I think a return to good habits.  I got up at 7ish today (just like in England) and have the whole day ahead of me to get stuff done.

Time to make the most of it.