Joining the 2000s, now I’m only one decade behind!

So when dad left he gave me his 1st generation iPod Touch, which was state of the art three years ago.  Hard to believe they put out a new generation each year, and in many ways the 4th gen iPod Touch makes the one I have look “quaint”

In fact, the 1st gen is no longer supported by Apple, the operating system is stuck at version 3 for good, so it’s only going to get more obsolete, and the battery will end up dying faster and faster, and the cost to replace it will be about half that of a brand new machine… you get the idea.

Still, the Touch is an impressive machine, even at the first generation level.  The funny thing is I’m discovering features on it that seem like “WOW, neat!” to me but the rest of the world cocks an eyebrow and goes “Um, like, yeah.  Where have you been?  God!

Eh, so what if I’m behind on the trends.  I have a new toy!

I like the psudo GPS built into the Google map function.  Or the fact I can play my online chess games with Wyatt using the app.  Being able to read the Globe and Mail wherever I go.  Having a star gazing map ready to go.  Games like air hockey or bowling to play with Gill when waiting for a meal.  Being able to read comics (a surprisingly effective format, too), etc…

God help me if I get enough money for the latest model.  I could use it as a Skype phone, too! 😉