I miss my comic…

Reading Scott Pilgrim (and now Fell) has really got me wishing I had a comic strip again.  For its first couple years, Fuzzy Knights was the most fun I ever had as a storyteller.

The advantages are obvious.  It’s steady progress.  Rather than working for months on an all-or-nothing venture that might end up nowhere, you’re producing something every week, getting feedback every week, and it keeps you motivated.  Building everything up to the grand finale of the first storyline kept me excited day after day, planning things out, and then shooting all the footage needed in one crazy night (or was it two?).

And there were the side projects, such as making an RPG based on the comic (something I’m also proud of).  I mean it was just a lot of fun, and it kept me coming back to the table and working on whatever I needed to work on.  I still did it while working on The Professional Tourist.  It was a good five year run, online and in print, and I only regret not being able to end the second storyline properly.

I need something like that again, but I just don’t think photography based comics are the way to go.

The other problem is I pretty much suck as an artist.  If only I sucked a little less, I might be able to do an online comic again.  Then again, the effort it takes not to suck might mean I have no time to do anything else writing wise – I don’t know.

Currently I have several projects on the go.  I am waiting for word from my agent regarding a proposed story idea, while at the same time going ahead with a different story (about 30,000 words in).  I’m editing a medieval romantic comedy with erotic elements to it for one of Mundania Press’s imprints.  I’m trying to get myself to sketch a bit every day.  I also need to get a cover design idea thought up for Bleeding Heart Yard and should work on that this week as well.  I’ve stalled too long on that project.

That’s it for now, I guess.