Even more Scott Pilgrim

Okay, so I finished the graphic novel series.  Loved it.  The last book was a bit on the philosophical side, but then it pretty much had to be, really.

So have I moved on with my life now?  Um… not quite.

Yep.  Scott Pilgrim the Video Game.  And this one is a blast for one reason in particular.  You see, one of the favorite games of the creator of the series, Bryan Lee O’Malley was River City Ransom for the old 8-bit Nintendo.  It was also a favorite of my brother and mine.

You can see the similarities.  Of course, rather than just make it a re-hash of RCR, they’ve added a lot of other stuff to it, meaning it’s got all the nostalgia value, but with a lot more going on so it can be appreciated now in its own right.  A lot of fun, Gill and I have been playing it the last couple of days.  The only downside is that it has no online multiplayer, so I can’t play it with Wyatt or Jason (Boooo!)

Oh well, once I finish playing this I should have Scott Pilgrim out of my system…

…until the DVD comes out.