Gone for a swim

There is no pool within easy access of our apartment, unfortunately.  The closest we’ve got that I can figure is Kitsilano Pool, which is near the start of the Seawall that follows the ocean’s edge all along the inlets of Vancouver.

Gill suggested going, and who was I to say no?  Actually I did, sort of.  I wasn’t going to go swimming at all, just stay outside somewhere and write or edit.  But then I saw what the place looked like

I got this picture from another site, but it should get across the size and view this pool has.  WOW.  Best of all?  It’s not a chlorine pool.  Technically it’s salt water, but I couldn’t taste any salt in it at all.  You could open your eyes underwater no problem.  The length of it is about 150 yards (137 meters), which makes for a hell of a lap, let me tell you.

I you get a chance to try it out, I highly recommend it for the day.  The water is cool but not too cold, it’s so large it’s probably only crowded on weekends (listed limit for the pool is 1800 people… holy crap!)  And there are areas to sit and lounge between swims (though not enough in my opinion) as well as a kiddy play area to one side.