Man at Work

I haven’t been posting much because of various projects I’m working on.  Right now I’m focused on a novel, or at least trying to be.

Focused is a strong word, though.  In fact it’s downright misleading.  I’ve been pumping out a few pages a day, but it’s so spread out and mired with distraction that it doesn’t feel like I’m getting much done at all.  I’d much rather crank out three pages in a few hours and get on with the day instead of coming back and pecking away now and then throughout the afternoon.

In other news, I bought Gillian a Kobo e-book reader:

It was on sale for $128 (as opposed to $149) and figured it was a good basic reader for her.  Comparing it to my Sony Touch really brings to light the problems I have with the touch-screen’s effect on contrast, visibility, and battery life.  If you just want an e-book for reading books and nothing else, it’s a good buy.

Not that I’ve been reading much, either.  Having trouble focusing on that as well.  Yeesh.