Rise of a Salesman

Okay, I just don’t get this.

I am not a salesman.  I suck at it, and I don’t enjoy it.  I enjoy trying to get people interested in our new theatre season well enough.  Every time I hear someone express interest in this show or that I feel I’ve helped because they’re that much more likely to see it when it comes out.

But I don’t enjoy the sales part.  I don’t like to try and encourage people to get tickets they may not need.  It feels disingenuous.  So I don’t.  For the most part I just tell them about the season, let them know how much a season pass would cost, and if they are interested in that or want to know other options, I follow up with whatever information they might want.   That’s it.

Yeah, I'm using the image again, so sue me.

And yet in the last pay period I got a 5000 dollar donation (which was luck), and in this pay period I’ve made more sales than anyone else in the office (which was luck, but less so).  I’m only a few thousand away from getting up to the yet another tier in the company’s hierarchy, and at my current rate that could happen in another week or two.

How can I not enjoy my job and be good at it, and yet not be good at what I do enjoy?

This doesn’t bode well for the future.