Festival of Lights, old guys blocking your view, and police busting alcohol and bong users

The Festival of Lights is on right now, and we live close enough to Kitsalano Beach that it was an easy bus ride to get to.  Well, for Gill to get to, I took my bike.  Pretty much anywhere in Vancouver that matters I can get to by bike and not bother with bus fare anymore – oftentimes faster than the bus or Skytrain.  Go figure.

Anyway, the bus doesn’t actually go anywhere near the beach, so we ended up having to walk a fair distance anyway.  That was okay, since we had planned on picking up some frozen yogurt along the way at a place called Scoop! we had Groupons for.

We got there at 9:30 and the show started at 10:00, ending 25 minutes later.  I got some footage of the show, but a number of things went wrong… if it wasn’t the inability of my camera to focus or go epileptic due to strobing, it was the old people who decided that the spot right in front of where we were sitting us was the best place to stand, or the police busting booze hounds next to us, making them dump their beer and give up their bongs.

But hey, it was a great show nonetheless.

However, the reason I took my bike there was because deep down I knew getting home would be the real pain.  And it was.  We waited over an hour for Gill to get on a bus, and even then she had to take one that went over the bridge to Yaletown and back, because all the Broadway buses were crammed to capacity.

It took Gill about forty minutes to get home once she got on the bus.

It took me ten minutes to bike.