Disappearing Rice Bowl Trick

So I’m making rice in the microwave.

I should point out I’m not a microwave chef by habit, it’s more a matter of multi-tasking.  The chicken was cooking on the Foreman Grill and string beans steaming on the stovetop.  Salad already chopped and prepped.   I could have used a second element, I suppose, but I don’t like having everything too close together.  There are sometimes cords involved (the Foreman Grill needs to plug into the far side of the stove over two of the elements) and the kitchen is crowded enough as it is.

I cook the rice in the microwave for ten minutes, no problems.  Beeper goes off to tell me it’s done.  I stick a fork inside and taste a bit, yep, nice and soft.  Bit of moisture still left, but that’ll get absorbed as it cools.

I pull the pot out of the microwave and

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The whole bottom falls out, crashes to the floor, cuts my ankle and somehow my pinky finger in the process.

What got me was how very even the break is, it’s a nearly perfect ring.  My guess is it has to do with the temperature differences between the portion that was in contact with the boiling rice and the portion that was not, since the break was close to that part of the dish.  The bowl, by the way, was over twice as deep as the remaining rim suggests.  It was a deep bowl.

What a mess.  I should have got a picture of the floor but with my ankle bleeding and scalded, my stomach growling and my chicken overcooking while I cleaned up the mess, I wasn’t exactly thinking about my blog at the time.  I was lucky the glass didn’t shatter into a million pieces.  Instead it broke into three large sturdy chunks, no fragments anywhere.  Thank goodness for small mercies, I guess.