Referrer Madness

Okay, so not everyone who ends up here came because of an email I sent or something I posted on Facebook. Sometimes there are other “referrers” that cause people to link to me. Thing is, having seen some of these, I’d like to know HOW the hell I got linked there in the first place.

Here, look at the list yesterday:

DUI Attorney? Lose Weight Guides? FIFA World Cup?


The hell? TWO people got referred from there. Man, I bet they were disappointed. I have no idea how these referrer links work, but it’s got to be some kind of random bot thing. I’ve never been to any of these sites (honest!)

2 thoughts on “Referrer Madness

  1. Yeah we know you haven’t been to any of those sites 😉

    The internet is really really great

    For Porn

    I’ve a high speed connection so I don’t have to wait

    For Porn

    There’s always some new site

    For Porn

    I browse them day and night

    For Porn

    It’s like I’m surfing at the speed of light

    Foooor Poooorn

    Trekkie you are ruining my song
    Oh me sorry Katie Monster me no intend to

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