The New Project: Chapter Breakdown

Aside from my current video game addictions I’m still trying to write.  I recently got a contract with Mundania Publishing to do some freelance editing, and a friend of mine might need some help with a book she’s putting together, but I also want to write a new novel of my own.

My last book didn’t hit the right buttons with my agent, and so rather than waste my time writing a full book that won’t fly I’ve decided to take her advice and work on the chapter breakdown of my next book first before writing the novel itself.

I’m almost done, but I’m surprised to find that writing a chapter summary can be almost as hard as a writing a full chapter.  The problem comes with ideas, and seeing how they come together.  While writing a regular chapter you are carried along by filling out the prose – dialog, narrative, etc.  It’s not filler, of course, but you end up taking much longer getting from A to B.  As a result you have more time to let the story sink in and then keep going.  With a summary you find that suddenly you have to come up with the next big idea a lot sooner than you expected, so the block sets in faster.  So while for a novel I could write a dozen double space pages a day easy, for a summary I’m lucky to get one a day before my brain needs to recharge.  Go figure.

Either that, or I just need an excuse to go kill more people in Bad Company 2.


One thought on “The New Project: Chapter Breakdown

  1. Ed Kleinman the Prof in my first creative writing class in 76 made a major exercise for us to write out a full plan for a novel. Not only chapter brekdowns but character sketches and the exercise I’ve bugged you about consistently a full backstory on the major characters. Non of it will actually apear in your novel but because it’s in your mind it will shape the interactions between the characters.

    Ed’s main comment in getting us to do the framework was:”most people just begin to write then by about chapter four they don’t have a clue as to where to go next”.

    If yr. editing for Mundania what did they say about BHY? You never did tell us.

    A propos Kitty Kat. I’ve been browsing Costco and the Supermarket shelves you know the bestseller trash market. Just change everybody in Kitten club to Vampires and Werwolves and you will have a better written novel than most of the stuff on the shelves and that in their favourite trope.

    Ghaaa someone should stake out their editors at a crossrroads at midnight

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