My latest addiction

Despite what you might think, I don’t play that many video games.  Believe me, if I did I wouldn’t do anything else.  I tend to look only for what I think are the best games and allow myself to use them as a total time sink.  Right now it’s this game:

I’m almost feel guilty I enjoy this game so much.  The single player action is all well and good.  The storyline is that of an action/adventure movie (one with an interesting enough premise I almost wish it wasn’t a first person shooter so it could spend more time on the plot).

But it’s the multiplayer I’m addicted to.  You have to wonder about adults running around playing war, let alone the impression kids get thinking that if you get shot in a battle you’ll just respawn somewhere in ten seconds.  Playing it is like being in the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan at times, only… fun?  I’m morally conflicted.

Morality aside, it’s hella fun.

When you and your brother can sneak up behind a sniper, one stabbing and the other using a defib kit on him for some impromptu surgery; or when you’re in a snow covered forest at night, sitting quietly waiting for the enemy to show up, only to notice that he’s hiding in the bushes thirty feet away just waiting for you to turn your back on him, how can you not have fun?


One thought on “My latest addiction

  1. The video game that’s currently soaking up all my free time (such as it is) is THE GODFATHER 2 game for the xBox 360. I loved the first one and this is pretty cool too. The scope is expanded and you can do more things.

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