Am I that desperate? Am I?

So I’m looking for work.

Yeah, I know, big shock.  I’m scouring the various job banks every day and applying for everything: ideal jobs, mundane jobs and down right weird jobs.   The fact I still have got nothing is depressing as hell.

Still, you gotta laugh.  Once in a while you find a job posting like this.

Better yet, why don’t you watch my reactions while I read it?

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One thought on “Am I that desperate? Am I?

  1. Welcome to the unrealworld. Now you know what I go through everytime I try to browse for legitimate books on Freemasonry. Because others associate us with things like the Bavarian Illuminati and the Rosicrucians they categorize us under “New Age”

    New age be damned its the same old bunk that’s been circulating since the Greeks. The problem is you see that all the ancient philosophies had some good stuff in them. Democritius names the Atom. Pythagoras gives us the most valuable piece of mathematics in history. If you know how to take a square root and have good value for pi you have the entire basis for Trigonometry and if you’re as smart as Newton you can use this to figure out the shape of planetary orbits and what causes them. (My favourite quote from Newton when Robert Hooke claimed to have prior discovery on the inverse square law: “he could not have done so he hath not the [grasp of] geometry for it.”

    But the Pythagreans also refused to eat beans because they believed that beans held human souls inside them and lots of other utterly wierd crap. In studying the stuff this is often called “rejected knowledge” Of course it was rejected ther was nothing in it.

    But you always get some type digging up the “rejected knowledge” and peddling it in some form because they are looking for the Harry Potter solution: wave the magic wand and all kinds of things will happen.

    “Insanity consist of doing the same thing over and over expecting something different will happen.”

    Albert Einstein.

    Leave the nut cases be unless you want to get in the con game of peddling that crap

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