Shrek Ever Final After Chapter

For Gillian’s birthday I saw the latest, and presumably last, of the Shrek movies.  I hope it is the last, because going any further would be a huge mistake.

I was pleased to discover I liked this one, much more than the lackluster Shrek 3, which only had a few memorable scenes to it’s favour.  Not only was it not memorable, it wasn’t very funny, and it didn’t have a very strong story.

Shrek Ever After, on the other hand, is well written.  It fortunately bypasses any mention of what happened in Shrek 3, opting instead to revisit what happened in the past, and what could have happened if Shrek hadn’t rescued Fiona. It’s not as funny as 1 or 2 in my opinion, but it does have a strong story going for it, a good heart, and was very enjoyable.

It should also be the end for the series, and if someone tries to squeeze one more out it will only end in disaster.   They’re damn lucky this one didn’t, because number 3 came very close to it.

And what is with them not being able to make up their minds on the title?  Is it Shrek Ever After, Shrek The Final Chapter, Shrek 4, Shrek The Ever Final After Chapter 4?  Make up your mind!