Gillian’s Big Day Out Part II

After that we took the False Creek Ferry up to Vanier Park, where we saw a replica of a Viking Longboat, which was cool. Gillian watched the scores of dogs frolicking in the off-leash part of the park (a lot of wet dogs there let me tell you) before we moved on towards 4th Avenue, passing by a Transformer along the way (see jeep in slideshow). Up there was a comic book store called, with points for originality, The Comic Shop. Gillian hasn’t been to a comic store since we got back to Canada, so she enjoyed that, and picked up a prequel to one of her favorite shows – Supernatural.

Across the street was a frozen yoghurt place called Scoop. I had picked up some Groupons for Scoop some time ago, so this was a good time to use them. They were really quite good, we’ll go back there again sometime.

Next was a movie. Gillian wanted to see the last Shrek movie (Shrek Ever After) and while I was reluctant at first, it was her birthday so we went. It was thankfully better than the third movie, which I thought was terribly disappointing. Still, the tickets cost 30 bucks for the two of us (it was in 3D) so that stung a bit.

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And lastly we had a walk to Davie Street and met up with Nita and Sudhir at a Tapas bar. At this point I forgot I had a camera and so I have no other pictures to share, I’m afraid. The Tapas bar was nice. Again, I had a Groupon so it cost a lot less than it should have, but it was fancy food and therefore not terribly filling. But it was a nice experience.

We finished of the evening by going back to Nita and Sudhir’s place, having cupcakes from Cupcake, and watching Doctor Who.

Not a bad day.

Now back to the real world, and trying to find a job that will chain me down so I can’t have nice days like this anymore. Yay!