Gillian’s Big Day Out

So today was Gillian’s birthday, and it was my job to show her a good time. I’m afraid I didn’t have the time or money to go all out, as our first stop will show, but I did my best to ensure she enjoyed herself.

First stop was Denny’s for a free Grand Slam breakfast…

Okay, I’ll wait till you all stop laughing before continuing.

I’m not one to turn my nose up at free food, so we made the most of it. After that I made sure she worked off those calories by taking her down to Granville Island, where we picked up some freshly ground coffee from Papua New Guinea (we were running low).  We also came across a neat art gallery with robot like statues.

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Since I can only put in a single slideshow on a post (I think) I’ll post the rest tomorrow morning.

Bonus footage: Canadian geese!