The IBM Muppet Show

IBM contracted Jim Henson back in the late 60s to create a bunch of short films to help its sales staff.

This is the result.

Go to the bottom to see the actual videos themselves.  The Kermit one is my favorite.  It also marks the first recorded appearance of my favorite muppet and eating guru – Cookie Monster

Brings a whole new dimension to his lust for cookies…

(also, note teeth!)


2 thoughts on “The IBM Muppet Show

  1. Hi Noah, Right now I’m reading ‘Street Gang, The Complete History of Sesame Street’ by Michael Davis. It explains the story of how a group of friends gathered at a dinner party, where the conversation turned to the subject “Why couldn’t t.v be used to teach children?”
    The brilliantly gifted Jim Henson ,of course contributed greatly to the success , along with Carol Spinney and Frank Oz, whose pupprting genius brought Big Bird and Cookie Monster to life. The book also touches on the early days of children’s television with shows like Captain Kangaroo and The Howdy Doody show. Having grown up with those shows, it was interesting that on “live ‘ T.V some of the practical jokes, and hilarious incidents that occurred with cameras still rolling. If you ever get a chance too read it, I think you’d enjoy it!

    1. I bet I would. I read up a bit on the history of Sesame Street in a book called The Tipping Point, by Malcom Gladwell, which explored how Sesame Street became such a phenomenon.

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