The End of Month One

It’s the end of our first month here (more or less, given we moved in on the 2nd) and one of the last things on our “to get” list has been filled in an unexpected way.

By chance while I was looking for work on Criagslist I found a free microwave on offer.  Gill and I haven’t had much luck with Criagslist when it comes to household items lately (the last microwave we tried to get never materialized, and finding a decent TV that is both cheap and compatible for us is nothing short of a pain).

However, this turned out better than I could have expected.  The owner turned out to be a freelance writer as well, and once she heard I planned to bus there in the rain to pick it up insisted she drive it down to me instead.  I wasn’t going to argue with that!

So, one more item off the to-get list, money saved, and contact made with a fellow writer.  Not bad for the last day of the first month 🙂