Writer Beware!

I was all set up to post the short stories I’ve revised recently here, figuring maybe someone would be interested in checking them out, only to be warned by my friend Shelly… er… Shell-E… Shelley? Yeah, that’s it, Shelley. Anyway, she said the act of posting those stories on my blog constituted giving up your First Electronic Rights, which for some publishers would mean they won’t accept your story.

Then I remembered I had in fact heard this before. As odd as it seems, a personal online blog, because it’s open to the public, even if only a couple dozen people read it, constitutes publishing. So any story I post here technically cannot be given First Electronic Rights.

I’m sure this is a technicality, but it comes from a real place. Popular blogs with thousands of readers really does constitute publishing, but how do you make a distinction between that and a personal blog that only friends and family check out now and then? By the number of readers? What if you have a huge family and a lot of friends? And the fact that it’s public means that you never know when strangers will happen along and check it out for one reason or another.

In short, writer beware!

So, since I can’t share that with you… what now? Well, next I’ll be working on some chapter summaries for a couple of books I have in mind. I still want to try my hand at cartooning, if only to see if I can pull it off. Here’s my first attempt at drawing (cartoon mind you, not realistic) in a few years:

Shut up. Just… shut up.