Submitting is Hard Work

Bloody hell.  I thought I could just dust off my old short stories and whip them off to a bunch of publishers.  I forgot how involved the process can actually be.

First off over half the stories I planned on re-submitting needed much more than a dusting.  Significant changes had to be made.  The other half made do with a polish, except for one which I decided not to re-submit at all.  It’s a cute story, but ultimately it just wasn’t worth it.

Then there were the magazines themselves.  There is a quasi-standard all magazines adhere to when it comes to formatting, but after that they’re all different.  Some like Courier font, others Times New Roman, some want .doc format, others .rtf.

(The whole .rtf thing was a three hour long headache for me on top of all this, because my word processor does NOT convert to .rtf very well at all.  But I got that sorted out in the end by getting another word processor 😉 .)

Some accept multiple submissions, others don’t.  Some accept simultaneous submissions, others don’t.  Then there are the fact that some want submissions emailed while others want them snail mailed.  I decided to simplify by only going with email submissions this time.

Still, what I thought would be done in one evening has taken me two days.  If I had to do it again knowing what I know to speed things up it would STILL probably take at least one full day to get everything sorted out.

Geeze, and that’s only point 1 on the 4 point list of things I planned on doing.  I’m beat!

PS: Check out this article and you’ll know why I tend to feel pessimistic about my chances as a writer.