Breaking Through The Wall

Sigh. I wish it was that easy.

(Wait. Is that… is that a Kool Aid Man video game? Holy hell!)

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. I’ve had no bright beam of light shine down upon me, bathing me in creative inspiration. I’ve just decided to end the pity party and try to get to work. I’ve got a number of projects to work on while I look for a job that pays the bills:

1 – Re-edit and re-submit short stories: I have a dozen short stories that haven’t been published, and maybe half of them I think are really good. I’m going to focus on those and put them back out there. I could post them here for you to download if anyone is interested. Feedback is always welcome. Shelly hooked me up with a great website for finding magazine publishers, so that will help.

2 – Work on chapter summaries for a couple of novels: After my last book met with less-than-favorable comments from my agent, I decided instead to start with chapter summaries for a couple of potential books and go over them with her first before committing to another novel. See how that works.

3 – Write new short stories: Other than blogging, this will be the best way for me to get back in the habit of writing regularly. Now all I need are stories to write about.

4 – Try my hand at cartooning: I miss Fuzzy Knights. I admit it. But the main reason it died was because of the photography based format, which simply did not translate well in KODT magazine. I’ve learned to draw a little – very little – over the years, so I’m going to take what I know and try a comic or two, see if KODT will humour me and put it in print. I’ll post some sketches up here eventually, too.

So that’s it. That’s the big plan. Get up, do Wii Fit, look for work, then work my ass off in these other areas, get out for some exercise, maybe play some Xbox at night. Try not to get sucked into endless TV reruns.

That’s harder to do than you might think with Gillian around. How many times does she have to see each episode of Bones, anyway?


2 thoughts on “Breaking Through The Wall

  1. Dude, don’t you dare post those stories on your blog or you can kiss your first print rights goodbye.

    And, seriously, how long have you known me? If you don’t start spelling my name right, I may have to hunt you down and kick you in the pants. 😛

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