My Writer’s Piano

Every portable computer I’ve ever used had strengths and weaknesses, but none of them were perfect. Even so, I was always loathed to give them up as they broke down beyond repair.

My Psion 5 handheld, for example, was a simple monochrome PDA, but damn was it portable. Unfortunately, the hinge that connected the keyboard to the screen used a flexible ribbon and wore out after a couple of years. I replaced it with a Sony Vaio U101, a netbook before the term netbook even existed. That lasted a good four or five years before wear and tear took it down. I’ve written about them elsewhere in more detail.

The Asus 901 I use now is now unfortunately in danger of obsolescence, which is a shame. It also took a few falls and drops over time, the power cord got frayed, the internal memory got filled with junk I couldn’t find or erase, and a spilled drink ruined my keyboard.

In the end, I managed to breathe new life into the machine.  I found a replacement power cord, wiped the memory clean and reinstalled everything, and the other day got a replacement keyboard. But I figured, why go for the same old boring black keyboard, when I can go for something different?

Behold, my writer’s piano!

I figure the old girl has a few more years of life left in her yet.  🙂