Noah the Handyman

We’re in the home stretch of home renovations now. Another trip to Ikea got us a few more bookshelves, a tiny computer stand for the bedroom, a hatrack, and some odds and ends for the kitchen. As a result I’ve been able to unload all but one of the boxes (filled with stuff I’m going to store anyway) and my bike.

So this is how the living room and the back wall look now

And here’s the tiny computer stand, tucks out of the way nicely, but is perfect for Gillian’s laptop.  Tilts forward to make it easier to type, too.  Either used by the bed, or taken to the living room.

The one other thing I need is a desk. Ikea doesn’t have one in my price range that fits my needs. Walmart had the perfect one for a hundred dollars, I saw it a couple of times on previous visits and online as well. To my surprise, however, they suddenly disappeared, right when I was ready to buy one. Typical. I hunted on Craigslist for one this past week. A couple of days ago I found one and today I picked it up.

I was not pleased.

It was the right type of desk, L shaped with a top shelf. The woman selling it promised it would be broken down to three parts for easy transport. Well, she was right about it being broken down. Rather than unscrewing the parts, it was yanked out. What was more, it seemed it had been disassembled and reassembled before. I would hardly call any part of it stable. It was scratched up pretty bad, too.

Part of me was pissed. It wasn’t like I could take it back. Ordinarily I would just make do until something better came along, and even then probably just put up with it. But not today. I decided I was going to make that desk into something the last owner would rue having given up. I busted out the toolkit Charles gave me and got to work, nailing down each section so it was more stable and secure, reinforcing it wherever possible, wiping it down with TCP and using the last of my black furniture paint all over it in three coats.

It ain’t perfect, but it looks a hellavalot better than it did before. I only wish I had taken a before picture so you could see the transformation it went through. I’m glad I did it, to be honest. The desk feels more like its mine now. I’ve invested something into it, made it my own. I may not be Bob Villa, but at least I’m not settling for bare bones jury-rigging solutions anymore.


2 thoughts on “Noah the Handyman

  1. I love YOUR apt. It looks like a showroom. Of course, that also means it doesn’t look lived in. Where’s the kitchen? Wait, we saw that in the Noah the Chef entry.

    Anyway, Nice! 😉

  2. You know, I used to think that way. I didn’t mind a bit of homey mess to make things feel homey. But if you look carefully you’ll see the Wii and Xbox there, all my KODTs, favorite movies, books… everything is there to make this feel like home. It’s just neat, that’s all.

    Keeping it that way… that’s the tricky part.

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