Well that didn’t take long…

The apartment is already a mess.  Yeesh!

Well, to be fair, it’s because we just got the last batch of stuff from England the other day and haven’t exactly found places to store everything.  Out of the 10 boxes, only 6 have been stored, some on the floor until I get a couple more bookshelves.  One is my recumbent bike, which I need to reassemble (and will probably go into storage for the time being). Also, I’ve decided this place could really use a hat rack.  And a couple of custom canvas pictures on the one blank wall.  Then once I have a desk instead of a couple of boxes pretending to be a desk, I’ll be done!  More pictures will come then.

Oh, and speaking of not taking long, I just came across an article that showed me the future.

I may not know what the next major life altering leap will be, but I will bet you anything something based on this will be running it:

A Single Molecule Computes Thousands Of Times Faster Than Your PC.


2 thoughts on “Well that didn’t take long…

  1. M’a gavte la nata. Ten boxes oh wowsers ten boxes.

    Ya wanna try 407. Thats how much we had on our last move and I’ve got the bill of lading to prove it.

    Ten boxes sheesh!

  2. Heh, for me 10 boxes is a LOT (and if you include the boxes from Sechelt it’s more like 20, just 10 from England). You realize that every move up until now all we ever took was what we could fit in our suitcases? It’s a new and strange experience for me 😉

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