Quest for Hat

One part of my wardrobe that went over a big change in the last few years is my hat. I’ve always worn baseball hats for as long as I can remember. Used to wear Blue Jays hats more than any other, too.

In my pseudo-reality where I find lost treasures and uncover mysterious plots, I wanted to find a style of hat that suited me. I certainly couldn’t find a hairstyle that suited me… once my hair grows out it gets all wavy and curly like a 1970s porn star. I can’t be arsed to use hair gel or put any effort into making it behave, so I keep it short. I also don’t care for the sun in my eyes or rain in my face, so I like to have something for those occasions as well. For the longest time those were baseball hats. There’s just one problem.

I hate baseball hats. They just don’t complement me at all. They seem to smush my head down.

But no other hat I could find seem to fit me, either. I tried. I’m sure my brother would have been able to find something he thought worked for me, but this isn’t about what he thinks or what he thinks other people think. It’s about what I think. If I don’t like it, why would I care if other people do?

When my brother and I were in Amsterdam we came across a hat shop, and sure enough he tried to find something that worked for me. This time, he found it. I can’t remember if it was a Fedora, a Trilby, or something in between, but that style of hat suited me just fine. It suited my brother, too, but in a completely different way. I couldn’t afford it, though, but I kept the style in mind for future reference.

Then I went on vacation with Gillian in Spain, to a little resort near Barcelona. And on our last day there I saw a cheap little fedora in the hotel’s gift shop that seemed perfect. For six euros it seemed worth a shot. When I sent my brother a picture of me wearing it he said “Hold onto that hat, it is the key to your salvation.”

Then he said I should burn the shirt I was wearing.

I’ve had that hat ever since, but it doesn’t go with everything, and finding another is a bitch. The problem is that a slight variation in height, rim, colour, or pattern changes the whole look. It’s the difference between a gumshoe detective and a golfer with plaid pants hiked up over his belly button.

When Gill and I went to The Bay recently, I came across a number of such hats, and decided to try a few on. Here’s me (badly) modelling the spring lineup of hats.  You can click on each picture to see a larger version. Try and guess which one I decided to go with.

And the winner is…

Should I pretend I meant to look like a dork all along?

No, it doesn’t sparkle, that’s just the flash.  This hat is actually made of a fine flexible mesh, allowing air to pass through it easily, which will make it perfect for the summer. It’s also crushable, so I can put it in my backpack if I go on any bike trips, too. Only cost 16 bucks.


2 thoughts on “Quest for Hat

  1. No imagination whatsoever. Looks just like the one I remember you wearing in London.

    Still, of the six options it’s the one I would have chosen 😉

    Tilley’s have a big store in VR. I’ve been planning on getting one of their “Endurables” for years now but even for me they’re more than a tad expensive

  2. Bah, that one was brown, and this one is clearly black. Different altogether! 😉

    Besides, it’s clear the Fedora style is what suits me, but finding the particular shape is more tricky.

    I’ve been to the Tilley Endurables before. Nice place. Expensive it might be, but it’s worth it. If what you buy ever wears out, they’ll replace it for free! My friend Jason can attest to that.

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