The New Apartment

When Gill and I first started apartment hunting, one of the first places we came across claimed to be 900 square feet, but if it was it sure didn’t make the most of its space. The apartment we moved into last night clocks in at somewhere around 550 square feet (I did the math) but uses it to the best possible extent.

First of all, nearly half that area is living room – 260 square feet roughly – and it shows. But that’s where you want most of your free space, it where you’re going to spend most of your time after all. This is more than big enough to entertain guests with as well.

The trade off is everywhere else is a bit… small. The bathroom is average. The bedroom has enough room for the bed, a dresser, a nightstand, and that’s about it.

But the real shrinkage is the kitchen, which has barely enough room to walk through and open the fridge and oven door. Not to mention the fridge and oven seem to be 3/4 scale instead of full. And while we have a LOT of cupboard and storage space, the doors are proportioned to this same 3/4 scale. See, here’s the kitchen on its own.

And here it is with me for perspective. I feel like I’m in a hobbit hole.

The dining room is just as tiny. While you could fit a bistro table here no problem, a dinner table for four or six is out of the question. I have commandeered this nook for my own private hidey hole, free to be cluttered up with my personal junk that simply wouldn’t fit the room’s wonderful decor. I’ll get some kind of blind or other means to block the blight I intend to inflict on this corner of our world.

Consider this a stand in until I have a real desk

You should know I actually take great pride in how this place turned out. I put together the majority of the furniture, for example. Charles helped with a few of the chairs, but other than that I did the chairs, the bookshelf, the floor lamp, the bed, the nightstand – even the blackboard needed to be put together. I also had to reassemble the dining table, fitted hooks to hang the pictures, board, and clock on, changed all the lights to warm energy savers, cut rubber mesh undersiding for all the rugs to keep them from slipping, and repainted both the side table and TV table to fit with the general look. The coffee table was offered by our landlord, and while it looks great has the unfortunate handicap of being brown instead of black.

For that matter, the bedroom furniture is all white aside from the bed which is birch… but if the dark brown coffee table can be considered close enough then I guess the bed can as well. Part of me wants to paint them both – fit my ideal, dammit!

You wouldn’t imagine that I’m the one fussing with every aspect of the apartment. Where to hand the pictures, how to arrange the sofas and dining table, what is the best place for the blackboard, I’ve been pacing around the place most free moments looking for things to tweak. I never did that at any of our old apartments, but then I didn’t really have the opportunity, either. They either came furnished or were too small to do anything with. Here I felt like I was creating a giant model. I rather enjoyed it.

I’m no interior decorator, but I think we did a pretty good job with the place.

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