And In Other News…

We move into our new apartment on the 2nd, so expect a semi-update blackout for a while till we get settled in. Sadly, several projects I had been working on have fallen through, but I’m going to explore other possibilties next week.

But in other news, why not check out:

Elastic Water: A flexible material that is 95% water with a pinch of clay and organic materials, which could be used for medical purposes as a bandage, but more importantly, could be developed into a plastic.  It even self-mends when damaged.  Freaky!

Owner of Stalin Museum Killed: He was found electrocuted and bludgeoned to death.  It sounds like something out of CSI.  Well, you know the old Russian proverb – “Open a Stalin Museum, get electrocuted and bludgeoned to death.”  Actually, I think a lot of Russian proverbs end that way.