The Single Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Read

And I’ve read some doozies. Like Kinder Eggs being banned in California because of the toy inside the chocolate egg – despite the fact that the capsule containing the toy is bigger than (as one reader put it) “an equine suppository.” [Edit: I’ve been informed it’s not just California, but the entire United States.  You poor bastards.]

Pfff. That’s nothing compared to this. Brace yourself.

Presenting the ADE-651, a $80,000 state of the art bomb detecting device, capable of finding a bomb one kilometre away. The Iraqi government spent $85 million on these for their security forces.

And you should check out the high tech workings of the ADE-651 – in Imagination Land. It is hollow inside. There isn’t even a power source. The “inventor,” Jim McCormick, is a firm believer in Dowsing rods, which is what these devices are based on. These devices are responsible for untold numbers of deaths as a result.

This isn’t the stupid part.

The US military had its doubts about the ADE-651 back in November. The BBC ran an expose on the matter, and even exposed the fact that the devices were empty and powerless. Jim McCormick was arrested, but is currently out on bail. Bail? The man screwed a country out of $85 million and is responsible for the deaths of who knows how many people in Iraq as a result, and nobody considers him a flight risk?

This still isn’t the stupid part. No, this is the part where you lose faith in the human race:

The Iraqi government, after conducting their official investigations into the devices, will be keeping them in service. Despite the fact that these hollow, powerless, dowsing rods – which have as much chance of finding water as they do explosives – have been demonstrated to be as useless as a Smart car at a monster truck rally, the investigation found that the devices “generally work” and will only be getting rid of the ones they find to be fake or ineffective.

I can only hope that this is government double-speak at its most desperate. That they know they are worthless, but to admit it would be such a disgrace and damaging to the government that they’re trying to find a way to get rid of them without actually admitting they were wrong. My hope is that they will be removed entirely from important use and relegated as “backup” equipment at low-to-zero risk areas, kept in a dusty drawer marked “Beware of the Placebo.”

Sadly this is old news. The last update on the article was in February, but I only found out about it now. How is something like this not front page news?

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  1. Kinder Eggs aren’t just banned in California–they’re banned in the entire U.S. Fortunately there are enough small family-owned international markets that carry them that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration can’t track them all.

    But yeah, dowsing for bombs is really freaking stupid.

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