A Breach in the Time Machine

It would seem that the hermetic seals that kept Gillian’s old bike in pristine condition – to the point where you couldn’t tell it wasn’t brand new – haven’t worked as well for everything we put into deep storage.

Now that we have an apartment we’ve been going through all our stuff, most of which we put away when we first moved to Japan and I haven’t seen in over eight years.

The results, to say the least, were a mixed bag.

In some boxes the contents were found exactly as we left them – our Corning dinnerwear, for example, came out as white and sparkling as when we packed them.

Doesn’t mean we didn’t wash them, mind you!

Other boxes weren’t so lucky. Mice raided some, gnawing on anything wood, cardboard or paper, making nests, leaving… youknow. The mice are long gone but their little presents remain. I’ll be lucky if I don’t get Lyme Disease or Hantavirus or something.

Some boxes got a bit of damp in them and rust settled on some utensils. Yet others were unmarked and untarnished.

Of our electric utensils, three out of four are still in working order – our kettle, food processor, and toaster seem to be perfectly functional. An electric hand mixer, however, had its motor blow out as soon as I turned it on. Not bad, and three fewer things we need to buy.

Not a bad haul of useful stuff.

We’ve also got two out of three tables in good condition as well, a side table and a TV table. The third had long term water damage and had stored corrosive chemicals on top of it. Quite a mess really.

That was all the stuff that was stored outside in the garage. Inside in the basement were more boxes, more memories, and more junk.  In the end we probably only kept half of what we put away.

You do NOT want to see what’s inside these boxes.

Even if everything we put away was as good as new I’d still throw out half of it out. So much had been scavenged in bits and pieces over the years in Victoria, and most were parts of incomplete sets, or just plain tacky. Others were stupid, like flour and instant coffee, long since petrified and though unbreached, no doubt was responsible for attracting the mice to those boxes in the garage. And why the hell did we put away a box filled with maxi-pads and tampons?

Um… that might have been too much information.