A couple of movies I had to comment on…

Date Night

This is actually a pretty good, silly farce with good laughs, not just a by-the-numbers Rom Com. It even deals subject not often covered in movies – married people hitting that rut that inevitably comes.

Most movies are about finding new love, not dealing with what happens ten or fifteen years later. Generally if the couple are that point the movie is about the kids instead. But you know what struck me most about the movie?

Anyone remember Adventures In Babysitting? Date Night is basically that movie for grown ups. They plots work in very similar ways. It starts off with life as normal not being good enough, a need to do something out of the ordinary. From that a single complication is introduced, and from that point on things get more and more ludicrous, but keeps within the constraints of its own story logic.

Definitely a good date movie, especially for couples who have been together for a long time.

The Tale of Despereaux

I just saw this movie again, and stand by my original assessment of it. It’s an underrated classic, with far more depth than most family movies. On the one hand it’s more simplistic than, say, a Pixar film.  It’s more of a fairy tale like The Little Prince.  And while I don’t care for the character designs too much (though they do have an artistic charm to them), from a writing standpoint I would put Despereaux on par with the best Pixar films, maybe more so.

Most of the main characters are seriously damaged, yet believably human (even the rodents). And the way some characters fall from grace is more believable than anything Lucas came up with in Star Wars III.

And Lastly…

Not a movie, but related. I found this comic (from XKCD) and its supplimentary comment quite true, don’t you?

We're also stuck with blurry, juddery, slow-panning 24fps movies forever because (thanks to 60fps home video) people associate high framerates with camcorders and cheap sitcoms, and thus think good framerates look 'fake'.

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