Drive By Shootings…

One of the first things I realized I didn’t like about Vancouver was its skyline. Seriously, I absolutely loathe the majority of the skyscrapers here.

BLEAH!  Now, there are a few interesting buildings, but most are bland rectangular angular boring ugly messes that were dragged kicking and screaming out of the 60s and 70s.

The houses of Vancouver are a different matter.

What a breath of fresh air it is. Every block has different styles of house. Even if two or three side by side are the same, chances are the next one will be wildly different. Even the apartment complexes have wonderful variations.

Not all of the houses are winners, mind you, but the variety!  Keep in mind I’ve spent the last five years in London, where it’s not uncommon to find not just one, but several blocks all filled with identical houses.  And even when the style changes, more often than not it doesn’t change that much.  If you have any love of architecture, it’s hard to get bored with the houses in Vancouver.

The following collection of pictures were gathered driving along one street over a five minute period, so since I’m leaning out the window of a speeding car, don’t expect them to be professional.

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