Apartment Woes…

Gill and I are apartment hunting in Vancouver. It’s a chore that leaves me with a nagging feeling of doom. Why? All of my “first” apartments in a new city have sucked.

In Ottawa I had a basement apartment with one window the size of a microwave that was probably partly responsible for my breakup with my girlfriend at the time.

In Toronto my brother and I shared an apartment that was in a building full of mentally handicapped people and had rats as big as small cats in it.

In Vancouver I lived in East Hastings, where I saw a pimp beat his ho, a half dozen Asian teens get out of a car to beat the crap out of a man on the street, and a homeless man not only slept under my stairs, but snuck into the apartment above me and raided the fridge.

In Tokyo we lived so far on the edge of the city our commute was 90 minutes in each direction, we never figured out how to work the heater/AC, and someone stole Gillian’s underwear from the clothesline.

In London, we had a studio apartment that was overpriced, undersized, the heater broke down just before Christmas, and was a pain of a commute for Gillian.

In short, our “first” apartments tend to suck, and we only find something better one or two years later. I don’t want to go through that again. So I want to make sure we get it right this time. Price, amenities, location, size, utilities included, everything…

I also want world peace and a pony.


One thought on “Apartment Woes…

  1. You were probably really time constrained as you were looking for your first apartment in each new city. It probably pays to NOT sign a long-term lease if you’re moving into a new city then? I haven’t personally had to look for housing in a new city but reading your post, I’m going to do my best to “try before I rent”. “Price, amenities, location, size, utilities included, everything” What is everything to you?

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